Ain't No Mountain ft Notion

from by Cee & Bekah

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    Now that Cee & Bekah have completed their run in the mixtape scene, it was time to give the people a completely original release. Compiling all of the original production from The Soul Movement series, along with three bonus tracks, The Soul Movement Originals is essentially the unofficial debut album from the duo, with twenty smooth moments of Soul and Hip Hop, including a guest appearance by Cesar Comanche of the Hall of Justus (Little Brother) and a collaboration with the Bay Area’s The Understudies, recorded in Berkeley while Cee & Bekah and Notion were on their radio tour of the USA and Canada in 2008.

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[Hook: Sample]x4
Ain't no mountain high, ain't no valley low,
Bay-baby, bay-baby,
Ain't no mountain high, ain't no valley low,
Ain't no river wide enough baby

[Verse 1: Cee]
Yeah, I'm tired of 9 to 5, I'm tired of gettin' by,
I'm tired of tired advice to put my dreams aside,
I'm tired of wasting time, instead of taking flight,
So I've been major on the grind, I'm tryina make it right,
No more closed doors,
No more slow goin',
I'm in control,
Coz this is where I'm meant to be,
So I'mma take this little bitch by the horns, I'mma put my all in it,
Reporting on the truth in the tunes dog, of course we is,
And ain't nobody talking me down,
Coz I believe in what we doing so much, I'll get to callin' it now,
But homie nothin' is a given, I'm workin' for this position,
And I'm never finna give in, I'm seeing what's in the distance,
And the future lookin' brighter than ever,
Coz ain't a worry in the world upon these shoulders so I'm lighter than ever, and I'm sayin' that


[Verse 2: Bekah]
My mama always told me that nothing's impossible,
And the sky's the limit,
But every now and then, I get a little insecure,
We just can't help it,
You know you got what it takes,
You're the one in control,
Just keep pushing on,
Do what you want,
You'll be alright, alright, alright


[Verse 3: Notion]
I'm sick of comin' in last, music's all I know,
I always learn from my past, now I'll take it slow,
Grindin' pavin' our path, you know how I roll,
With the Movement Fam, it's just my way to go,
And I, and yep, I know it in my heart of hearts,
This is more than a passion, this spiritual life & this art,
It's brought upon by, thoughts & love, I,
Don't ever think this link or relationship gon' die,
Now my, body tired, coz I'm hurtin' from the massive missions,
But I'm stayin' driven, & I'm workin on my aphorisms,
Raw definition, dawg it's a given, that we comin',
To the forefront, of your doorstep, 'round the world we gon' rep,
Melbourne city to the full extent,
And never spare a cent, cos we rappin' for the innocent,
There's nothin that we cannot step, over like no mountain, valley, or river,
I'm workin t'ward the bigger picture, 'til we good, & there, yeah



from The Soul Movement Originals, released September 11, 2010
Produced by Mack Sitty



all rights reserved